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Especially if you are an industrial series producer in multi-shift operation, your products will need an
identity to guarantee their sustained success on the market. Labels, applied reliably and "just in time", provide your products with this unmistakable form of branding.

For precisely this purpose you will need a labelling unit that can label large product volumes in very short periods. You require exceptional label dispensing accuracy that always positions the label in the correct place.

In brief: You want efficiency!

Fast, Flexible, Favorable

The ALS label applicator machines combine extreme robustness with high-performance, and the latest
ALS generation is now even more reliable and compact than ever.

All three ALS machines are configured for high requirements in continuous operation. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and this with high dispensing accuracy – no problem for the new ALS generation!

The ALS family makes "you" flexible. Its modular concept allows you to effortlessly integrate a unit
into your existing system and exchange it for another "member of the family", if required.

Proven Quality

All three ALS machines have been designed in accordance with the tried and tested Avery Dennison
Standard, which distinguishes our range of products from all others, and makes the ALS generation
so reliable.


Avery ALS Generation


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