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Avery ALX92x

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Whether it be variable barcodes, manufacturer or product specifications, to label your products and packaging with complex and ever-changing information you need increasingly intelligent print & apply systems.

The printers of the ALX 92x family are real high-performers characterized by top results in terms of printing and dispensing speed, by top print quality and useful features.

The construction of the printer makes maintenance and handling particularly easy, thus ensuring even greater efficiency.

The multi-tasking operating system of the ALX 92x family benefits from a particularly high-performance 64-bit CPU. A maximum print speed of 400 mm/s and a resolution of 300 dpi allow the Avery ALX print & apply system to mark up your products in 1:1 mode! As the machine is printing and dispensing one label, it is already working on preparing the data for the next label. This makes the ALX 92x family ideal for constantly changing print content, for instance on dispatch labels.

Whether it be the ALX 924, 925 or 926, they all deliver a constant high level of output.You no longer need to pause the operation to change print jobs.


Avery ALX 924

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