Falcon 515 Series Scanner

Falcon 515 Series

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The Falcon® 515 fixed station computer features a 15 line x 40 character color or monochrome display, an IP54 enclosure rating, 2PC card slots, 2 serial ports, and 2 input ports for a variety of devices such as PowerScanTM handheld scanners or mag stripe readers. The Falcon® 515 also features enhanced, relay-protected digital I/O ports to control devices such as warehouse carousels, light tables, locking mechanisms, and more for a maximum of automation flexibility.

The Falcon® 515 Scanner has a 486 class processor and operates under DOS 6.22. The 515 comes standard with 8Mb of RAM, 2Mb of Flash ROM, two internal PCMCIA Type II slots and a 69 key QWERTY keypad.


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