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For the vast majority of small businesses and retailers, the complete Formula Wizard™ Features
package represents the simplest and most cost-effective solution for entering the world of bar code data acquisition. The Formula 732-E portable terminal with its integrated laser scanner is at the heart of the Formula Wizard™ solution. Fast and reliable in reading the most common symbologies, it comes equipped with a practical 25-key alphanumeric keyboard, a large display with icons and a vast memory both for data and applications. Data transfer to the PC takes place by simply placing the terminal into the Formula 952 Transceiver/Charger (included in the Formula Wizard™ package), which is equipped with a RS232 serial port.

Formula Wizard™ represents the ideal solution for many applications in retail and small warehouse environments. In fact, this complete package covers the most common operating requirements for inventory, materials picking and general small warehouse administration, as well as for price and description management in assisted sales and data collection in retail points of sale.


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