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Intermec 501XP Printer

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When an entire roll of labels needs to be printed now. When applications demand “first label out” at breakneck speed. When there is no time to waste, the EasyCoder 501XP delivers.

Like most Intermec printers, the EasyCoder 501XP is rugged. With its 32 bit RISC processor and 12 ips print speed, no other printer on the market delivers the exceptional print quality obtained with a 300 dpi printhead at the speed today’s businesses demand.

Intermec has introduced several features into the EasyCoder 501XP; all designed to make life for the operator simpler. The EasyCoder 501XP features an Open Web Path for quick loading of media and ribbon. The patented Magnet QuickMount printhead requires no tools and no technician for replacement. The EasyCoder 501XP is designed to easily integrate into existing printer applications
utilizing non-Intermec printers.

Through Intermec’s Fingerprint programming language, host-programming changes need not occur. The EasyCoder 501XP printers come equipped with the Fingerprint printer language, the printer can be programmed to interpret and translate different device data streams. This all adds up to easier decision making when it comes to upgrading to newer and faster technology or replacing old
antiquated technology. Network connectivity and management has never been easier.

Intermec’s EasyLAN 100i NIC option features a fast 10/100 based connection for bi-directional communication with your printer. Easily configurable through any web browser.

The EasyCoder 501XP along with its 15.24 cm (6in) wide counterpart, the EasyCoder 601 XP, gives your organization the necessary edge, to keep one step ahead in todays fast-paced world.


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