SOLO Standalone Label System

SOLO Standalone Label System

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SOLO is a unique keyboard and software solution which allows sophisticated labels to be designed on a PC and transferred to the keyboard for PC-independent printing. This makes SOLO ideal for warehouses, factories, production and packing areas, mobile applications or any situation where a PC is unsuitable.


Every aspect of a SOLO Labelling System is designed for ease of use. Just install the sofware and plug the SOLO keyboard into your PC and you're ready to create your labels. Each SOLO solution includes SOLO Studio - a powerful PC design program allowing you to design labels in an intuitive WYSIWYG environment.

SOLO Studio provides intuitive tools for adding barcodes, images, TrueType fonts and symbols allowing you to create label templates in minutes and then transfer them to the keyboard at the click of a button.

To print your labels, just select the name of your label from the list in the keyboard and enter the required information when prompted on the keyboard display.

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